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Proud to offer properly sourced meat

But BritishWant to know where the meat in your burger came from? How your Sundy roast was cared for? What went into your steak?

At Hinchliffe’s we’re proud to offer beef that has b een with us from pasture to plate. This means we know exactly what goes into each animal: caring it for it from the day it’s born, maximizing its welfare, and feeding and handling it to produce beef with the best flavour and texture before it’s butchered on site by our highly-skilled butchers.

"Our customers trust us that only 100% beef goes into our products"

“There are no short cuts with our meat,” says Simon Hirst. “We’re there at every stage of the animal’s development and use skills handed down four generations of our family to produce the best tasting, judiciously sourced beef we can – pure and simple. Our customers trust us that only 100 per cent beef goes into our products – there’s definitely no horsing around!"

Set up as a butcher’s in 1929, our traditional butchery shop remains at the heart of Hinchliffe’s, selling award-winning fresh beef from our own herd of South Devons; chicken, pork and lamb from trusted local suppliers; and everything else you’d expect from a first-class butchers, but with one subtle difference – we care:


On the Farm

At Hinchliffe’s, we care for our cattle as much as we care for our customers, and ensure only the best meat possible is produced from our free range herd. Our customers have the peace of mind that our beef and other carefully selected meat from local suppliers is 100% traceable.

Charlie Hinchliffe as a young manOur fervour for farming means our focus is always on our superb herd of pedigree South Devons and our other carefully selected breeds. Our cows feed on grass when out on pasture and natural silage during the winter months; what the cattle eat, affects the quality of the meat, and at Hinchliffe’s our meat is marvellous!

Not only are our cattle cared for to the highest standard, but our skilled team of butchers are experts at what they do, so expect to find only the very best beef at Hinchliffe’s butchery counter.


Pride and provenance

You can be assured of two things at our traditional butchery shop: we know exactly where our meat comes from and we take pride in butchering it properly.

All the beef cuts we sell in our shop are from our own herd; hung for 28-days to give superior flavour and texture, and butchered and trimmed on site by our team of highly-experienced butchers using skills passed down four generations.

All our other meat is sourced from suppliers we know and trust. Pure and simple: nothing added, nothing taken away – just good meat.

Our butchery team

Led by head butcher Craig Midwood, our team bone out and cure our beef and make pies and sausages on site, passing ancient skills onto young apprentices.

Our awards

Our sausages, pies and pasties are all award-winners with our homemade pork pies voted ‘Best in Britain’ in 2011, 2012 & 2014 (runner-up in 2013) by the Pork Pie Appreciation Society (link), and our Tomato Sausages, Smoked Back Bacon and Black Pudding Sausages winning Golds in the Great Taste Awards 2012. See full list of current awards below.



Pork Pie Appreciation Society – WINNER – GREAT BRITAIN'S BEST PORK PIE
★★★ 3 STARS RIB OF BEEF – Great Taste Awards
Farm Produce Awards – Runner up – Rib Eye Steak


1 STAR – RINDLESS BACK BACON – Great Taste Awards
Pork Pie Appreciation Society – RUNNER-UP – GREAT BRITAIN'S BEST PORK PIE



Pork Pie Appreciation Society – WINNER – GREAT BRITAIN'S BEST PORK PIE
Small Pork Pie – 3rd Place – Great Yorkshire Awards
Gold Award for Pork Pie – National Meat Products
Gold Award for Pizza Sausage – National Meat Products
Gold Award for Black Pudding – National Meat Products
Silver Award for Thick Pork Sausage – National Meat Products


Pork Pie Appreciation Society – WINNER – GREAT BRITAIN'S BEST PORK PIE
1 STAR – THIN PORK SAUSAGE – Great Taste Awards
Black Pudding Champion – WINNER – Great Yorkshire Awards
Large Pork Pie – Runner up – Great Yorkshire
Thick Pork Sausage – Runner up – Great Yorkshire


Our price

You can trust us to provide cuts that are competitively price, and, more often than not cheaper than the local supermarket [Take a look at the Price Comparison Chart - click here]



Our butchers regain the Pork Pie Appreciation Award 2012!
> Find out more here

2011 was an amazing year for us having scooped EIGHT AWARDS for our Sausages, Pies, Bacon and Black Pudding. Please click here to read more about our awards.

Award-winning Sausages! (read more)

Home-made award-winning pies Home-made award-winning pies
Home-made award-winning pies (read more)

Hinchliffe's Meat: Still cheaper than the Supermarket!

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Up to 90% of meat cuts from Hinchliffe’s butchers are cheaper than those from the nearest supermarket – now two years in a row!

Pork MinisterThe Netherton farm shop’s latest survey has shown that 19 out of 20 of its meat products are the same or better value than the local Sainsbury’s supermarket – an even bigger improvement on its 2011 survey.

Incredible bargains include cooked ham – 75% cheaper at Hinchliffe’s – and chicken breasts, some 70% cheaper than Sainsbury’s at £7.35 per kg compared with £12.49 per kg. Pork chops, bacon and cooked beef are all half the price of the supermarket alternatives.

And, if you fancy a sirloin steak on your barbecue this summer, then Hinchliffe’s homebred, grass fed pedigree South Devon sirloins remain more than £4 cheaper than the supermarket.

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With escalating food prices, and higher meat prices making it harder for the average family to make meals on a budget, Hinchliffe’s low cost cuts will come as welcome news.

“It’s not just farmers that want a fair price for their food – consumers want good quality, locally produced food at a price they can afford,” says Hinchliffe’s general manager Simon Hirst. “Again, we’ve proved that we are cheaper than the supermarket, and what’s more, all of our meat is carefully and expertly reared and butchered on the farm, or sourced from local farms for which we pay a fair price. If you want to shop fair, shop at a farm shop!"



"I just wanted to let you know about the excellent service I received yesterday. My daughter has a milk and soya allergy and so we are both on strict diets to avoid any dairy or soya products.

I came into Hinchliffe's for the first time yesterday and the butcher was extremely helpful!

Nothing was too much trouble for him, he checked all the ingredients in several products and even carried a large sack out so that I could check the allergy advice label myself, which was so kind of him.

It was refreshing to be taken seriously for once as when i have asked in other butchers they have been very dismissive and have just said "yes, it should be ok" From now on I will be buying all my meat from Hinchcliffes, the pork pie was the nicest one I have ever eaten too! Thank You."
Jennie Townend

"With locally-sourced food that is always fabulous quality and personal customer service, Hinchliffe's stands head and shoulders above its competitors"
Kieron Barton

"Hinchliffe's farm shop is brilliant, with fresh fruit and veg and household staples to gourmet produce that you just can't get anywhere else"

"I have been buying my beef and frozen goods from this shop for years, and the quality is never less than exceptional"

"Great value for money throughout the shop. The staff are really friendly and very helpful"

“The farm shop stocks lots of the ‘old favourites’ as well as some excellent and unusual offerings you simply wouldn’t find in the big supermarkets”

Hinchliffe's Farm awards and acreditations