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Healthy birds, healthy food

Our commitment to best-practice animal husbandry and food safety

Our rearing process

Our main aims are the health and well-being of the birds, coupled with optimum food safety.

All chick box liners are sent for salmonella testing upon arrival. Our comprehensive vaccination programme protects birds from all major current strains of disease, and is continually updated in accordance with veterinary advice on new strains.  The efficacy of this programme is tested via blood samples taken during key stages of the rearing period.

Salmonella swabs are taken from the birds and their environment. Worm tests are taken when the birds reach 12 weeks of age (in good time before movement to laying farm). We encourage customers to visit their birds as often as they wish during the rearing process.

Customers will be updated with their birds’ progress via e-mail or post, as often as required. Shortly after the delivery, customers will receive a detailed ‘flock history pack’ which outlines everything that has occurred during the rearing process.

This includes:

  • Rearing record
  • Feed intake sheet (indicating rations used)
  • Vaccination programme
  • All vet analysis report forms
  • Lion Code and Freedom Food certificates
  • Passport(s)

Whether you are a large-scale egg producer or would like half a dozen chickens for the garden, please contact Hinchliffe’s Poultry on 01484 661231 or email us by clicking here

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